2011 Final Orders

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Per Section 120.53(1), Florida Statutes, all agency Final Orders issued after July 1, 2015, are available on the Division of Administrative Hearings web site of Florida Agency Indexed Orders located at www.doah.state.fl.us/FLAIO.

Order NumberCase NumberRespondent
FOFEC 11-179W FEC 11-090 Lee Wooldridge
FOFEC 11-180W FEC 11-169Trudie J. Infantini
FOFEC 11-181A FEC 11-272Ruth's List Florida
FOFEC 11-182WFEC 11-073Gary Swanhart
FOFEC 11-183WFEC 10-021Jay Wheeler
FOFEC 11-184W FEC 10-155 & 10-158Florida Hometown Democracy, Inc. PAC
FOFEC 11-185W FEC 10-186 & 10-275 JoAnn M. Faiella
FOFEC 11-186WFEC 10-316Isaac Aelion
FOFEC 11-187WFEC 10-331Martin Millar
FOFEC 11-188W FEC 11-171Beth A. Dillaha

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