February 2012 Public Agenda Materials

(Puruant to Section 106.25(7), Florida Statutes, certain matters to be considered by the Commission are not available for inspection by the public. Matters that are confidential will not appear in this listing.)

List of Case Materials Available for Public Inspection

10-369 Valencia St. Louis

11-008 Christian Cevallos

10-074 Stephen Adkins

11-285 Florida Nurses Practitioner PAC

11-267 Yomin Postelnik

11-219 Volusia County Republican Executive Committee

11-223 Citizens First

11-224 Floridians for Conservative Values

11-296 Jose Cancio

11-261 Florida Family Team (T-Education Advocacy Movement)

11-262 Florida Health PAC

11-263 Florida Nurses Practitioner PAC

11-264 The American People Committee

11-265 Ramon Day

11-266 Lake County Education Association Tiger

11-268 Citizens for a Reality Check

12-001 Broward County Council of Professional Fire Fighters

12-002 Floridians for Fiscal Responsibility

11-216 Citizens for Quality Government

11-220 People for the Ethical Treatment of Taxpayers

11-221 Brevard County Republican Executive Committee

11-283 Steven Berrey

11-286 Sheryl Denan

11-295 Wengay Newton, Sr.

11-297 Gary D. Johnson

11-298 Sarah Pelican

10-147 Jackie Rojas-Quinones

10-342 Matthew Tisdol

11-071 Victoria Brake

11-072 John Wayne Smith

11-093 Franklin Donald Stockmeister

09-120 Stacey J. Ritter, Part 1

09-120 Stacey J. Ritter, Part 2

09-120 Stacey J. Ritter, Part 3

09-120 Stacey J. Ritter, Part 4

09-120 Stacey J. Ritter, Part 5

09-120 Stacey J. Ritter, Part 6

09-120 Stacey J. Ritter, Part 7

11-016 Mark McCarty

Other Business Materials By Subject Available For Public Inspection

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