2011 Final Orders

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Per Section 120.53(1), Florida Statutes, all agency Final Orders issued after July 1, 2015, are available on the Division of Administrative Hearings web site of Florida Agency Indexed Orders located at www.doah.state.fl.us/FLAIO.

Order NumberCase NumberRespondent
FOFEC 11-158A FEC 11-229Sharon Pritchett
FOFEC 11-159A FEC 11-231East Hillsborough County Democratic Club
FOFEC 11-160AFEC 11-209Wes Blackman
FOFEC 11-161AFEC 11-210Darrin G. Ellis
FOFEC 11-162A FEC 11-211No Tax For Tracks.com
FOFEC 11-163A FEC 11-212Preserve Our Key Biscayne
FOFEC 11-164A FEC 11-213Republican Party of Miami-Dade County
FOFEC 11-165A FEC 11-214Lynda Bell
FOFEC 11-166A FEC 11-215BAC PAC
FOFEC 11-167A FEC 11-217Theresa Graham

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