2011 Final Orders

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Per Section 120.53(1), Florida Statutes, all agency Final Orders issued after July 1, 2015, are available on the Division of Administrative Hearings web site of Florida Agency Indexed Orders located at www.doah.state.fl.us/FLAIO.

Order NumberCase NumberRespondent
FOFEC 11-069FEC 10-161Tom Presley
FOFEC 11-070FEC 09-153Brian Pitts, Treasurer, Justice-2-Jesus
FOFEC 11-071FEC 10-350Alex Diaz
FOFEC 11-072FEC 10-356Matthew Tisdol
FOFEC 11-073FEC 10-357Matthew Tisdol
FOFEC 11-074FEC 10-358Matthew Tisdol
FOFEC 11-075FEC 11-029Larry Hendricks
FOFEC 11-076FEC 11-030Dade County Medical Association PAC
FOFEC 11-077FEC 11-032Outside-Inside PAC Fund
FOFEC 11-078FEC 11-033Building and Trades Political Action Committee

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