2015 Final Orders

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Per Section 120.53(1), Florida Statutes, all agency Final Orders issued after July 1, 2015, are available on the Division of Administrative Hearings web site of Florida Agency Indexed Orders located at www.doah.state.fl.us/FLAIO.

Order NumberCase NumberRespondent
FOFEC 15-133WFEC 12-424Maykel "Miguel" Balboa
FOFEC 15-134WFEC 14-186Robert A. Thomas
FOFEC 15-135WFEC 14-323Roger Scott, Jr.
FOFEC 15-136WFEC 15-033Roger Scott, Jr.
FOFEC 15-137WFEC 14-347Linda C. Hyatt
FOFEC 15-138WFEC 14-375Linda C. Hyatt
FOFEC 15-139WFEC 14-401Bobbie H. Grace
FOFEC 15-140WFEC 14-463Frank J. Meeker
FOFEC 15-141WFEC 14-464Nathan McLaughlin
FOFEC 15-142WFEC 15-006Brandon R. Thebeau

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