2015 Final Orders

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Per Section 120.53(1), Florida Statutes, all agency Final Orders issued after July 1, 2015, are available on the Division of Administrative Hearings web site of Florida Agency Indexed Orders located at www.doah.state.fl.us/FLAIO.

Order NumberCase NumberRespondent
FOFEC 15-071AFEC 14-501Emerge USA Political Action Committee
FOFEC 15-072AFEC 15-206Ethical Florida Leaders
FOFEC 15-073AFEC 15-213National Asian American PAC- Florida, Inc.
FOFEC 15-074AFEC 15-214Reggie Fullwood
FOFEC 15-075AFEC 15-222Joe Allen
FOFEC 15-076AFEC 15-231Cedon Saintil, Jr.
FOFEC 15-077AFEC 14-437Palm Beach Gardens Needs Term Limits
FOFEC 15-078AFEC 15-240Citizens for Clarity
FOFEC 15-079AFEC 15-241Citizens for Clarity
FOFEC 15-080AFEC 15-272Antwane Dwayne Lenoir

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