May 2011 Public Agenda Materials

(Puruant to Section 106.25(7), Florida Statutes, certain matters to be considered by the Commission are not available for inspection by the public. Matters that are confidential will not appear in this listing.)

List of Case Materials Available for Public Inspection

10-194   Jacinto Garcia

11-029   Larry Hendricks

11-035   PBA Voice Law Enforcement, Inc.

11-036   Florida Mainstreet Merchants

11-037   Florida Mainstreet Merchants

11-059   Presidents Council Commercial Real Estate Forum

11-060   Committee to Improve Florida's Economy

11-039   Florida Action League

11-040   Florida Action League

11-041   Florida Action League

11-042   Florida Action League

11-043   Florida Action League

11-044   Florida Action League

11-045   Florida Action League

11-046   Florida Action League

10-350   Alex Diaz

11-033   Buildings and Trades PAC

11-032   Outside-Inside PAC Fund

10-356   Matthew Tisdol

10-357   Matthew Tisdol

10-358   Matthew Tisdol

11-030   Dade County Medical Association

11-034   Sandra Karwel

11-038   Citizens for Sensible Growth in Sarasota County, Inc.

11-047   Sharon K. Hagen

11-048   Miami Fraternal Order of Police PAC

11-058   Larry Wilcoxson

11-061   Leon County Republican Executive Committee

11-062   Jean Havet

11-068   Betty Wojcik

10-175   Steven J. Mueller

09-153   Brian Pitts, Treasurer, Justice-2-Jesus

09-227   John A. Mandjuano

10-108   Robert James Horan

Other Business Materials By Subject Available For Public Inspection

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